Tips to design an effective Facebook landing page

26 Nov

Facebook landing pages are just like regular ones on the website, except they are placed within facebook itself. The landing pages are favoured as the destination for Facebook ads because they are published under a custom tab within a Facebook business page. Facebook is an effective social media platform that offers effective communication services and helps connect to friends and family online but in case any problem persist get easy help from Facebook Support Number.

As the main facebook business page is crowded, a visitor may get distracted with all the other elements on the page - the videos, content writing posts etc., reducing the efficacy of the ad's CTA and conversions. It also difficult to effectively display content related to the ad on the main page. The facebook landing pages can be tailored to your marketing campaign providing the visitor with targeted information and a clear call-to-action. With a proper landing page attracting users to fan page also get easy this is essential for business success and with right tricks that can be effectively done. Dial toll free Facebook Customer Service Number 

The below written are 4 top most practices to design landing pages:

  • Focus on intent – The landing page should be tailored to what you want your visitor to do. You should have a clear and single call to action such as sign up for updates, download report, join webinar etc.

  • Match Headlines and images with Ads - Your ad and your landing page must sync in terms of its headlines and taglines as well as the look and feel.

  • Aligned With Brand - The landing page should be aligned with your brand's imagery and design philosophy. A poorly designed mismatching landing page can negatively affect visitor perceptions.

  • Optimize for Mobile Devices - Mobile traffic has today overtaken desktop traffic. The landing page should also be optimised for mobile devices. The viewers should have a smooth experience regardless of the device used.

  • Optimize for Speed - Your page needs to load quickly so as the attention of the visitor should not be distracted. This can be done by cutting down heavy images, graphical elements and embedded content, etc.

    These are some of the easy ways with which an effective facebook landing page can be designed but in case any problem persists you may obtain easy help from Facebook Contact Number.

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