Can I Get Back My Lost or Missing Outlook Emails

26 Apr

The result is that messages that had been gathered on the POP stage in mail programs or telephones and tablets before the switch might not have been moved to the new Exchange stage. This is on the grounds that the messages will have been spared 'locally' i.e. on the PC or gadget and on the off chance that they were not arranged to abandon them on the server, they will have been removed from the server making it inconceivable for Microsoft to move them all to the new stage. This has frustrated numerous individuals as messages before the overhaul have disappeared. Clients who exclusively utilized web mail ought not be influenced.

So how to get back the missing email messages?

In case you utilized the email program called Outlook you could follow the given steps:

1.      Export your old email history

  • Quickly open your Outlook and tap the File section and here pick Open and Export option.
  • Then tap on the Import or Export and afterwards pick Export to a file
  • Now pick Outlook Data File (.pst)
  • Then choose the email account as a rule at the best and indented to one side of the Inbox segment, and make sure 'Incorporate subfolders' is marked
  • After that tap on Next button then the Browse box
  • Now select a simple area, for example, your desktop and name the document e.g. oldhotmail.pst
  • Tap on the Finish and wait for it to wrap up

2.      Make another Outlook Profile and download your email once more

  • Add another Outlook profile through the Control Panel/Mail  and with the help of Show Profiles/Add option.
  • Then use the Outlook wizard to automatically arrange the account.

3.      Steps to Import old mail history

  •  At first open new Outlook account.
  • Then tap on the File and afterwards pick Open and Export button.
  • Now tap on the Import or Export and select Import from another program or document.
  • After that press Next tab then select Outlook Data File (.pst), and simply click on Next.
  • Tap on the Browse and discover your PST document on your desktop.
  • Here just tap on the Open then click to Finish
  • Hold up as it might take a short time to import all old mail history into your new account.
  • Once it has finished you may need to wait a while for all the history to complete the process of synchronizing - You'll know when it has completed when it says All folders are updated.

Follow the above steps verified by the reliable Outlook Contact Number UK experts to third party service group and get the issue resolved. One can also dial a toll free Outlook Phone Number UK 0800 046 5027 for any other outlook related technical help and support.

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