Downloading an attachment from Gmail mail

24 Oct

Gmail makes to be the most commonly used mail platform that is used widely in all parts of world. It is so enhanced that it is popular both for official mail exchange as well as professional mail exchange. Gmail is a service provides only for enhanced mail and thus it is a mail oriented platform that does not believe in providing any other application that is other than mail. It is because of this reason gmail is the most mail platform when it comes to mailing services. Everything on gmail is so easy that user enjoys using it but in case if any problem occurs, easy help may be obtained anytime from Gmail support number.

Even though the whole sole purpose of gmail is mail transfer but it provides several other services which are all available to provide benefit to the users one among this is attachment facilities. Gmail is an amazing mail platform that only let you exchange mail messages but with this it also let you send and receive pictures, documents and zipped folder as well right within the email. One can send and receive the emails with the attachments just by adding it to mail. Once received attachments can be downloaded and used back again. Downloading this mails is quite easy and any mail user who is received this attachment can use this.  

Here is the process by which one can download mail attachment to use it:

  • First of all, you need to get to your gmail with your id and password.
  • Now open the mail which has the attachment you want to download.
  • Now you need to take your mouse to the attachment.
  • Here you will get options related to attachments.
  • From here click on the save to drive option.
  • Here you need to select the drive in your device where you want this attachment to be downloaded.
  • With these steps you can download the attachment to a decided destination in your device.
  • Next you need to get to the place and open the attachment to use it.

Contact us Gmail helpline number 0800-046-5027 This is an easy process with which any gmail user can download email attachment to use it for their personal purposes still in case if any users still finds it difficult downloading or using the received attachment in gmail, easy help is rightly available at Gmail contact number.

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